Support Policy Page




1.      All electronic products sold on the GreenCard trading platform are secured for two years (manufacturer's warranty) except accessories.

2.      Except for Apple products (accessories warranty: 1 year), accessories for other electronic devices are subject to a six-month warranty from the date of receiving the product.

3.      The warranty services provided by the seller are not under the responsibility of GreenCard. This includes the availability of spare parts, repair duration, and/or quality of repairs, and the customer can communicate directly with the warranty service provider in the event of any complaint or inquiry for a required service.

4.      To benefit from the warranty services, please make sure that the original invoice of the product exists to verify the serial number and the validity of the warranty period (the warranty card is brought to the device if available).

5.      The repair period takes a maximum of 15 working days for damages covered by the warranty.

6.      The customer is entitled to a temporary device or compensation (product price ÷400 × days of delay) in the event of delays in providing spare parts, delays in maintenance, or a manufactured defect in the product.

7.      The customer can receive an alternative product or refund of the purchase value after deducting the value of use and the missing accessories if it’s qualified within the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

8.      Each product's life cycle may vary and the customer can review the product manual or contact the authorized agent for more details.

9.      We apply the policy of some service centers that may ask you to pay for products that are classified as out of warranty and you refuse to pay for the repair.

10.  The warranty does not include damage caused by accidents, misuse, liquid spillage, or other external causes.

11.  The customer must ensure that the product is packaged in the original carton or properly packaged to avoid any damage during the shipping process, and the GreenCard will not be liable in the event of a break or damage to the product in this case and the product in question will be returned to the customer without maintenance.


1.      GreenCard provides free delivery of the customer's product to the service provider and includes only the malfunctions of the products covered by the warranty.

2.      The free delivery service requires four to seven working days which in this case will not be calculated from the repair period.

3.      The customer can communicate with the warranty service providers directly to follow up on the status of the product or make claims to the warranty service providers, and all information will be provided to the service providers through representatives of the warranty department in GreenCard.

* Free receipt and delivery service is not considered within the repair period of the product.

** The value of use is calculated at 5% of the value of the product at the time of purchase for each month starting from the date of purchase so that the value does not exceed 80% of the value of the product.