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Never Pay The Full Price Again

With our Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Discounts and Offers, we guarantee that you’ll get the best VALUE of all

your spending! Wide range of BRANDS are waiting to never let you pay the full price again. You’ll

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What’s in GreenCard?

GreenPrice A subscription-based platform with wide range of brands of restaurants and cafes,

fashion and retail, attraction & leisure, attraction & leisure, and services. You'll

enjoy a special rate and offers on all your spendings with our brands.

GreenTrip Book your flight trip and hotels with best rates available in the market

GreenCart Get all your needs to your doorstep, GreenCart is an online lifestyle shopping store

with large online selection of brands in categories such as electronics, fashion,

health & beauty, fragrances, grocery, baby products and homeware.

GreenPoints Here where the fun comes! GreenPoints is a loyalty program for all the products

mentioned above, the more you use the products inside the app the more points

will be collected on your account.

You can redeem the points with a wide range of our selected brands, or you can get

an extension to your subscription. and more to come!